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How to start Selling on E-commerce marketplace ?

Do You Want To start Your Own Marketplace on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm or any other Ecommerce platform ?

As we all know the world is going digital, so if you want to survive in market you must present on E-commerce marketplace like amazon, flipkart, paytm mall, meesho, etc or create your own online marketplace.

But people those who are not techie, are confused about starting it, though it is very easy.

All you need is your product, you want to sell online and some documents, i will mention below. Though there are hundreds of ecommerce platform and all platforms have almost same rules and guidlines, lets take an example of Amazon.

For starting business on any e-commerce platform the following steps have to be followed :

Selection of the category and product :

The choice of category and product is very imp. The category and products should be as such that can be procured by the seller if the demands increases also at a comparative price.

Account Creation :

For an account creation the following requirements are must. A phone number and email id which is not registered on Amazon buyer as well as seller panel. The PAN card details, GSTIN, Adhar Card, a clear picture of a Cancelled cheque by the name of the firm and seller signature on a plain white sheet.

Listing :

The next step in account creation is listing. We need proper photographs of the products as per amazon guidelines and all the details mentioned in each and every listing. The optimal utilization for keywords is very important and the prices should be competitive for proper sales on the account.

Orders :

The order processing and dispatch is very aspect of account creation. The orders need to be processed daily within the allotted period of time and need to be packaged and dispatched properly to the delivery partners.

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