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Recover Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account In 999 only

Updated: May 23, 2020

What is Amazon Seller Account Suspension ?

When Amazon Removes someone’s privileges for selling on amazon or when a Seller can’t sell on amazon because of breaking some Rules and laws made by amazon seller central.

Amazon seller account suspension can be caused when seller does not perform as per amazon guidelines.During the account suspension the seller does not receive any new orders and payments doesnt gets transferred to their bank accounts.

Reasons of account suspension :

Increased Late Dispatch Rate :

If any seller fails to dispatch orders in the given period then the LDR percentage rises. The target late dispatch rate for any seller is 4%. If the LDR increases repeatedly then the amazon accounts gets suspended.

Increased Order Defect Rate :

Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a key measure of abilities to provide a good customer experience. It's all orders with a defect as a percentage of total orders during a given 60 day period. An order has a defect and if it results in a negative feedback, A to Z claims that is not denied or a credit card chargeback. Amazons policy is that sellers maintain an ODR under 1% in order to sell on Amazon. An ODR above 1% can result in account suspension.

Selling Prohibited Products :

There are some products which you can’t sell on Amazon, products which are illegal or somehow destroys community guidelines

Negative Feedback :

When a amazon seller sells bad quality products or bad services, and get negative feedback from the customer end, it directly affects the seller authenticity and their privileges. And when negative feedback exceed by a number, amazon can suspend your seller account.

Inauthenticity :

When a customer claims that they have received counterfeit products or when a seller gets a copyright strike on their seller account, it affects their authenticity and will be a health hazard to their seller's account.

Creating More Than One Seller Account With Same Details :

When a Amazon Seller create multiple seller accounts with the same details like GST, Pan details, Address. And according to seller central guidelines a seller can only create one seller account with their personnel /Business details.

Some other reasons of Seller Account Suspension are :

Opening a New Seller Account After Being Suspend

Used Item Sold as New

Late shipment Rate

Wrongly Advertisement of Your Products

Rights Owner Notice Complaint

Selling Counterfeit Consumer Goods

How To Reactivate Your Amazon Seller Account ?

After the seller account is suspended on amazon, sellers have an option to appeal.

This appeal should be a well formulated Plan Of Action (POA) containing the reasons which lead suspension, the steps the seller has taken to resolve the issue and the steps seller will take to ensure any such issue does not arise in the future.

We may also be asked to produce invoices or authenticity proves in some cases to reactivate seller accounts.

Amazon may or may not accept the POA as per their guidelines. In some cases they demand an updated POA or more proves in form of documentation.

In some of the cases amazon may deny the POA and another POA needs to be submitted.

Whereas the third or final case is where amazon permanently bans an account and no further appeal is allowed. The remaining funds (payments) of the seller are transferred to their bank account within 90 days.

And in the case of multiple seller accounts with same details, Amazon suspend seller’s account by itself, and to reactivate that account, the seller has to terminate their first account from amazon seller central and after that appeal to reactivate their second seller account.

What is Multiple Suspension ?

When the Amazon seller account is suspended more than once by Amazon, It is considered as Multiple Suspension.

How many times a amazon seller account can get suspend ?

1- First Suspension – 70% (Recovery Rate)

2- Second Time Suspension – 15% (Recovery Rate)

3- Third Suspension – 9% (Recovery Rate)

4- Fourth Suspension – 6% (Recovery Rate)

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