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What Is FBA In Amazon ?

Updated: May 19, 2020

FBA Stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, is a feature by amazon to relief its seller from the burden of storage, packaging and shipping from the sellers. When a seller opts for FBA they are agreeing to keep their inventory in the amazon warehouse (which is chargeable). Once the inventory gets transferred to FBA the seller does not need to process orders from his end or spend time or work power to packaging or storage of the products. The FBA listings also get the prime status. They are eligible for an express delivery. The visibility of the FBA listing increased by 70 % itself.

Benefits of FBA :

1. FBA feature by amazon solves the storage problem for all the sellers. 2. By opting for FBA sellers do not have to worry about processing orders well within time. FBA orders are processed in the warehouse itself. 3. FBA also helps the sellers to put the packaging burdens off from themselves. 4. The FBA inventory gets the prime status, and they are eligible for express delivery.. 5. FBA inventory also has a increased visibility by 70% which results in more orders and increased sales

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